Current particular needs :
There is a current need for a volunteer Biomedical technician to service hospital equipment and an Occupational therapist.

If you would like to volunteer please click the volunteer button on the lower left front page and let us know what skills or services you can offer and we will endeavour to link you in to where your skills are needed.

If you have a project that needs these medicos or certain other skills please contact us and we will assist to link you in.This list is for the purpose to help doctors link with each other and coordinate activities with Ministry of Health as we will achieve much more if we coordinate than if we run individual adhoc programs.

The following is a list of those offering services to Vanuatu.
If you would like to add your services please contact us so we keep a complete list (email mmcadam64@gmail.com)

Expert Consultancy Services in cervical cancer and Hpv vaccination research
Prof Ian Frazer

A number of these Doctors offering free second opinions and consultations to Nivan Drs via the Telemed site www.docto.com.au:

Drs Jon Field emergency physician . Telemedicine . See www.Docto.com.au
Ph +61428 038 752 email: jon@docto.com Skype +61 130036286

Doctors in Vanuatu:
Dr Basil Leodoro General Surgeon Head of Surgery & Medical Services Manager Northern Provincial Hospital PMBag 006 Santo Vanuatu
T: +678 7732177 W: +678 7742499

Obstetrics and Gynaecology:
Dr Bob Watson Obstets/Gynae bob@drrjwatson.com.au
Dr Barbara Hall Gynaecology bnjtaylor@bigpond.com
Dr Anne Sneddon Obstetrics,Gynaecology all areas ,
Special Interest reduction in infant and child mortality through skills training.
Dr Lew Perrin, gynae oncologist Mater Hospital Brisbane lewisperrin@icloud.com
Dr Neroli Ngenda Obs and Gynaecology nerolin@iinet.net.au. Can do locums in Vanuatu

Dr Bill Donnelly, adult orthopaedic , sub speciality hips but can link in to other orthopaedic sub specialities as needed. Email: Bill@boss.net.au (Brisbane)
Dr Paul Pincus paediatric orthopaedics Pincus@wosic.com (Brisbane)
Dr Don Pitchford orthopaedics Don_Pitchford@health.qld.gov.au (Gold Coast). Brings anaesthetist and nurses.
Dr John Batten orthopaedics johnbatten52@gmail.com Launceston Tasmania, sub interest in Paediatrics
Dr Batten does the Pacific Islands Project team organised through The RACS
Mr Gary Fettke is another Orthopaedic Surgeon on the PIP team, they bring Two theatre nurses and an Anaesthetist attend on each trip.

Dr Liz Donnelly, Brisbane cardiologist , special interest echocardiography and Rheumatic Heart disease schools based program Email: drlizdonnelly@gmail.com
Dr Vijay Kapadia , Located in Gold Coast. Also does work in Fiji.Email vijaykapadia@hotmail.com

Philip Morris- at Gold Coast , Psychiatry, Psychogeriatrics, adult psychiatry, addiction medicine

Dr Peter Jackson Gold Coast, Peter.jackson@health.qld.gov.au

General Practitioners:
Dr Margaret McAdam General Practitioner mmcadam64@gmail.com
Dr Jo Adendorff E: jo.aden@bigpond.com
Dr K K Cheung General practitioner kakiucheung@hotmail.com
Dr Ken Morrison kenmorrow@gmail.com

Dr Stephen Weinstein Gold Coast University Hospital Email:Stephen.Weinstein@health.qld.gov.au
Dr Marion Saville Victorian Cytology Service email:msaville@vcs.org.au
Nina Emzin cytologist Email: Nina_Emzin@snp.com.au

Breast and mammography service advice
Dr Janet Gray State Radiologist Breast screen Qld
Ellen Dooris Director Breast Screen Gold Coast
Dr Susan Fraser ex-president of the Society of Breast Physicians in Australia.

Peter Davoren Diabetes and Endocrinology Obstetric medicine Gold Coast
email to Peter.Davoren@health.qld.gov.au

Nicola Harbour, paediatric nurse
Brenda Dalzell, registered nurse
Dee Wallis Mobile Women’s Health Nurse
dee_wallis@health.qld.gov.au Special Interest nurse training

Allied Health Services:

This list is created to assist the many organisations that come to help Vanuatu stay connected with each other and use their common goals to work together to achieve best most efficient outcomes for Vanuatu

If you know of an organisation or would like your organisation added please let us know.
Please let us know projects and your annual plans so we can aim to synergise and make the most of the scarce resources in Vanuatu.

Medical Santo – run by churches of Christ – runs a medical centre on Santo
Contact : Allen Cox email : admin@medicalsanto.com

Butterfly Trust- run a school for disabled kids in Vila.
Contact : Butterfly Trust email: david.lynn@butterflytrust.org

Rotary Contact Roland Mortimer email: roland@vanuatu.com.vu

Caritas http://www.caritas.org.au/learn/countries/vanuatu Email questions@caritas.org.au

PCV Presbyterian Church Health
Email: reception@pvc.vu

Sea based Programs:
Pacific Yacht Ministries – do outreaches across the islands. Eye and dental teams
Contact ourpympost@gmail.com

Marine Reach – charitable organisation that have refitted a trawler as a hospital ship

Medical Sailing Ministry, Does yacht based visits around vanuatu

Sea Mercy , does emergency and critical sailing services

Fruit of the Pacific.org – Oral Health

Australian Mercy www.australianmercy.org.au info@australianmercy.org
Has a Vanuatu branch info@volunteervanuatu.org

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