Sponsors and Partners

We thank sponsors who have supported various aspects of these programs from the beginning of the first research to ascertain the incidence of cervical cancer in Vanuatu to local community who supported the duck races

FFF – Frazer Family Foundation (Professor Ian Frazers Family Foundation which donated the vaccine and care HPV tests ). Prof Ian Frazer invented the HPV vaccine
ACCF assists programs in Vanuatu
University of Qld
Wesley Research Institute
Qiagen (donated testing machine and 1 years testing Care HPV)
Sullivan Nicolaides Laboratory
QML laboratory
Mater Pathology Lab
Victorian Cytology Service
Ausaid (funded 5 years of cervical screening)
ANZ bank Vanuatu (major sponsor). Funded the first women cytologist training in Vanuatu and sponsored the duck races.
Australians Helping Abroad (Founded the cervical cancer screening program in Vanuatu)
Family Planning NSW (FPNSW)

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